Yuvraj Singh, VIDEO VIRAL, started watching ‘Parrot’ on the ground

By | May 16, 2018

Yuvraj Singh, VIDEO VIRAL, started watching ‘Parrot’ on the ground
On Tuesday, the host team of Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) had a Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) match at the Holkar stadium in Indore. Both teams need a win to make the playoffs. Although a video before this match is currently being very viral on social media. Which made the fans happy

Actually before the toss, when both teams were practicing on the field, Yuvraj Singh started dancing. UVA watched the dance dancer Ashish Nehra. Nehru too was thrilled to see Yuvi dance. Both of them started dancing on the ground. It is noteworthy that in a Facebook post, Yuvraj said that Indian team members Ashish Nehra were called as ‘Parrot’.

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Nehra is the bowling coach of RCB this season. In this match Yuvraj Singh was not given the Kings XI Punjab Playing 11. It is noteworthy that UV and Ashish Nehra knew each other when they played under-19 cricket. Both are still good friends today This was also seen when UVA wrote an emotional post for Ashish Nehra.

When Ashish Nehra retired from international cricket, Yuvraj Singh wrote an emotional post for Nehra. Yuvraj Singh wrote on Facebook, “Ashish Nehra is a good heart person. There is no deceit in their heart. He is a honest person, who made his life for the team. ”

However, Kings XI Punjab were defeated by RCB in this match. The Kings XI Punjab, with the first batting, returned to the pavilion just 88 runs. The team to complete the target, Bangalore’s captain Virat Kohli and Parthiv Patel got the win without losing 1 wicket in 8.1 overs.

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