You will be shocked by typing on the Google app in your Android phone

By | June 2, 2018

You will be shocked by typing on the Google app in your Android phone.
Try it Will show your personal text message in Google App Search on some Android smartphones
Say it weird but on some Android smartphones, typing “” in Google App will show your personal text message in search. This bug was discovered by a user at Reddit, who was trying to search the band ‘The 1975’ and accidentally typed ‘’ in the search bar on the default Google Pixel launcher. As a result of Google search, the user’s SMS messages were displayed on the screen as if they were search results. “The owner of Google Pixel wrote,” When I type ‘’ (especially two duration) in the default pixel launcher on my search bar, it shows my resent text message.
According to media reports, the bug has troubled many users of OnePlus, Samsung, LG, and Huawei, especially in the Google app on Android devices. We tried it on OnePlus 5T and in fact the bug exists. The report says that the message will only appear in the app if the user has allowed the Google app to access SMS messages.

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The Reddit user posted, “It’s just like a strange mess that I have done.” “Is this combination just a coincidence or is there anything else going?”

Google has not commented on this yet, while other Reddit users have said that they get the same results when searching for “Vizela viagens” (a travel agency).

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