When was the picture of Gandhiji’s paintings started on Indian notes?

By | July 11, 2018

The central bank of India is “Reserve Bank of India-RBI”. It has the right to print notes of all the value classes except for one rupee note. RBI has been given this right under the RBI Act, 1934, while section 24 (1) of this Act does not give it the right to print a rupee note.
According to the rules of the Currency Ordinance, 1940, a rupee note was issued by the Indian government, while Rs 2 rupees to Rs 2,000 rupees were issued / printed by the Currency Reserve Bank of India. Keep in mind that the Reserve Bank can print a note of up to Rs 10,000.
Therefore, the notes of one rupee in India are printed by the Finance Ministry and it is signed by the Finance Secretary and not the RBI governor.

When was the picture of Gandhiji’s paintings started on Indian notes?

Do you know that even after the independence of India, the currency of King George V of Britain for two years was in practice in India? At this time, rupees were calculated in 16 cases, but after 1957 this system was changed to the decimal system and rupees; Changed to 100 paise In 1949, the picture of the king was changed and the notes were printed on Ashoka pillar.

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Let us now know that when the photograph of Gandhiji’s paintings began to be printed on the notes?

In response to an RTI, the Central Government and the Reserve Bank of India had said that the recommendation to print Gandhiji’s photograph on the right side of the note was made by RBI on July 13, 1995. After this, the RBI decided to change the notes in 1996, and the photos of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi were used instead of the Ashoka Pillar. Please note that the currency notes have not been removed from the Ashoka pillar, but it has been placed on the lower left side of the notes.

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However, in response to this RTI, the RBI had also told that when the government took the decision to print this photo on notes and it has been implemented since the date ie the work of printing Mahatma Gandhi’s photographs on Indian notes began, its They do not have the information.

What is the picture of Gandhiji’s notes on the notes?

It is necessary to tell here that the picture of Gandhiji on notes is not a picture made by the computer, but it is the original photograph of Gandhiji. This picture was taken in the Viceroy House of Calcutta. About the year 1946 (when the cabinet mission was coming) Gandhiji went to meet with Frederick Pethic Lawrence, then deployed in Burma (now Myanmar) and British Secretary in India.

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This picture was taken at this time. From this picture Gandhi’s face has been portrayed on Indian note as portrait, now it is also a trademark of Indian currency.

After reading this article, it is expected that the picture of Gandhiji on Indian currency notes has been taken from him and before the photograph of Gandhiji, the picture of the person who looked at the notes of India.

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