Whatsapp will bring a new feature, the ad is not included in the user’s uninterrupted group

By | February 21, 2019

Someone in the WhatsApp group will have to take a permit before editing
This feature is currently available on the development stage, currently available in beta versions of IOS
The Last Seen will also have an option to show or hide it
Gadget Desk So far, in the WhatsApp group, the user could add anyone to their group. After that, if the user did not stay in that group, then he had to leave the group. But now Whatsapp is bringing a new feature. So now that someone who has to get permission for editing in the WhatsApp group, then someone else can be added to the group. This feature will work the same way that the last scene is to show that it is to keep the hyde, as it will be in the option.


According to the WABetaInfo report

In the Beta version of iOS App, WhatsApp has found a feature called Group Invitation. WABetaInfo, which oversees the features of WhatsApp, has reported through its report that after this feature, it can not be advertised in any group without user consent. At present, this feature of group inventive inventory is only available for IOS App’s beta user. However, other WhatsApp users will be able to use this feature. No specific time has been reported about it in the report. But it is clear that this type of feature in WhatsApp will be accurate for Android users.

Use the Group Invitation feature in this way
By clicking on 1.Everyone you will be able to set that any user can add you to your own group. Doing this will not give you any group invitations from the admin.
2. Under the My Contacts option, you will be able to add the same users to the group who will be in your contact list. If someone who has your number, but does not have a person’s number in your contact list, you get group invitations in such a situation.
3. After selecting the NoObody option, you can not add anyone directly into any WhatsApp group. In any case if you want to add someone to a group, you will have group invitations. If you accept that invitation, you will not be able to add to the group and you can not advertise.
Will remain valid for 72 hours
4. Group Invitation sent by Admin will remain valid for 72 hours and then it will expire. Then you can not join the group. You will need to re-request This feature will be available in the coming days for both Android and iOS users.

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