This gift, given to the Modi government, is read here

By | May 1, 2018

Ratlam The Narendra Modi government has given a big gift to the employees working in the bank. Bank employees are happy after receiving this gift. The big deal is that in March, the strike was demanding this gift. This demand has now been approved.


On March 26, the Rural Bank Officers Federation had strived for the demand for pension like employees of other business banks. At present, there are 20 thousand 500 branches in 600 districts across the country including Ratlam. They have 88 thousand employees. Apart from this, there are 30 thousand retired employees, who will get benefit in this pension scheme.

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 This is the whole case

KK Gaur, general secretary of MP State Rural Bank Officers Federation, said that the Supreme Court has dismissed the petition number 39288-12 of the government. Along with it, the order has been ordered to be implemented within 90 days. Employees working in rural banks do not get pension like business bank employees. For this, they were fighting in 2012.

The center kept the strange condition

Gaur said that the Karnataka High Court said in 2011 the implementation of the pension scheme implemented in the banking industry in the same manner, but the government has added a condition that the bank is losing money, their employees will not get the benefit of pension . Apart from this, advised to make a pension fund, talked of taking Rs 3 lakh from each employee. The employees went to the Supreme Court opposing it.


 Did three days movement

Similar work – The demand for equal pay was done by the rural bank employees from 26 March to 28 March. Between this movement, the Supreme Court issued important orders for these employees. This order has to be implemented in 90 days. According to the employees associated with the bank, the current Modi government has given its approval to obey this order. After this, now pension will be given to all the employees and former employees of the rural bank.

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