This boy earns Rs. 7,00,000 from YouTube at the age of 27, know the whole story

By | June 25, 2018

 Founded by Gaurav ChaudharyTechnical Guruji is  establishing new benchmarks in the form of the  most popular Indian Tech YouTube channel with millions of subscribers  , which is a milestone achieved within just 14 months. She is an Indian who   creates  ” technical  ”  videos on various technologies  such as video compression, DDOS and others  in the smartphone  and  Hindi . She makes very interesting and informative videos. On average, he uploads two videos every day.

About Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary  was born on May 7, 1991. He was very great in the study. Along with this, he was also active and very eager on technical things. He was raised with this curiosity. He   earned a  bachelor’s degree from the Rajasthan Technical University to earn a B.Tech (Electronics) degree  and  also  topped the university. For higher   studies, he went to Dubai where he did  M Tech (Micro Electronics)  and Gold medal is awarded. He has done all his studies in technical subjects. One day he was watching the video on YouTube. Suddenly, he  came in a YouTube channel ”  Sharmaji Technical ” which was a  Hindi Tech Review Channel . He was inspired to launch another technical channel which would probably be the only channel to review and provide technical education in Hindi language.

He   met the founder of Sharmaji Technical  ,  Mr. Prabal Sharma and uploaded some videos to his channel. Those videos set   a new record for Sharmaji Technologies . This YouTube channel gives honest reviews on the latest smartphone. For your information, both Gaurav and Sharma have taken B.Tech from the same college.

On October 18, 2015, he started his official YouTube channel, ”  Technical Guruji  “. By 1 November 2016, this channel has crossed over 1000 customers. Today, Tech Guruji has more than 8,00,000 subscribers (and counting). This means that it is expanding its base of 53, 571 customers, which contributes more than 2000 customers per day.

Today,  Technical Guruji is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in India  . Only  15 months  within the  800k  more  customers  have been exceeded. It is his dedication and hard work that led him to reach this milestone.

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Story of their success

He is still due to his dedication,  stability and hard work  . This is the only formula for their flawless development. If you do whatever he does, then you will definitely move in your respective area. Let’s see what the secret to his success is.

• Pride has always made helpful and informative videos that can see and learn from time to time all the time.

• The way he speaks he has always been so impressive. This is the biggest plus point for them. Today, there are millions of tech channels on YouTube. But most people just like their channel.

How much does it earn from YouTube?

As you know, income in YouTube is not fixed. It relies heavily on CPC ads. The CPC rate increases with the development of one channel. On that basis, we have estimated our monthly income. He can earn more or less than our assessment. Our estimated amount is based on our experiences. Chance is that he can earn more. In fact, he is Rs. Just 5 lakhs per month from your YouTube channel

Other interesting facts – Gaurav Chaudhary

Some of the most interesting fans of their subscribers and tech savvy people do not know that the glory ”  Bibi Wines  ” is one of the biggest fans of the YouTube channel, and generally prefer to wear half pants.

To provide additional support to its customers, he  also launched his official  Android app “Technical Guruji” , he provides most user-friendly technical videos in this app. He wants everyone who is very interested in technology, he can access his video while walking. Whenever he posts a video, you can use it directly on this app. You can ask a question directly from this app.

Technical Guruji is  one of the  major names known by most  technical savvy and Tech YouTubeTech Guruji’s  video producer and founder, Gaurav, made a revolutionary change in the trend of Tech Youtube after entering YouTube. He makes all his videos in Hindi So, he is one of the most versatile YouTube users by now.

Gaurav Chaudhary   creates  some  viral video in Dubai every day . He has a loyal fan and is honest to his clients. She makes videos on many topics based on science and technology. So, he always likes to give his customers something different at all times. We congratulate the proud on completing more than 1 million customers. This is the only Tech Uday in the country who achieved this milestone.

As Indians, we proudly wish that we try our best to cross another milestone with 2 million or more customers. She  is  the inspiration of most  Tech YouTube in India and we are pleased to see her achievement.

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