The solar storm will hit the earth: Mobile-TV will be stalled

By | May 8, 2018

The solar storm will hit the earth: Mobile-TV will be stalled
Ahmedabad: Solar Storms from Earth are likely to collapse in the next 48 hours. According to the scientists, the Aura Coronal Hall will be formed in the sun, due to which energy will be released from large amounts of energy. This energy will also have cosmic rays. Who can tech blackout on Earth This means that all services based on satellite, such as mobile signal, cable network, GPS navigation, will be blocked.

According to the International Business Times report, NASA also confirmed the arrival of Solar Storm’s Earth by the American Space Agency. NASA has also made a photo in which the gas storms can be seen and understood. According to the data, due to the storm, almost half of the Earth’s solar disc will be cut into a major portion of the disk. Due to the atmosphere of the Sun, there will be a storm of hot air towards the Earth.

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If the Canadian Ocean and the Atmosphere Association says that it is the G-1 category of this solar storm. This means that the storm will be mild, but due to it there are many possible causes of damage. It is worth mentioning here that solar storms are caused due to the slight variation on the Sun’s surface. It is divided between five series G-1 to G5. The storm in the G5 series is the most dangerous.

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