The government is giving 5 lakh to the daughters, just have to do this work

By | June 26, 2018

All parents want their daughter to be married to Dhom and she wants to save money already for this. The government has brought this scheme for girls in 2014. Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated Sukanya Samruthi Yojana by Beti Bachao Beti Teacho Abhiyan. In the Sukanya Samruthi Yojna, interest is paid even higher than the FD and Savings account, and there is no tax on this. The account of this scheme opens when the daughter is below 10 years. A single account will open in the name of a daughter.

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This account can also be opened in the name of two daughters and they can withdraw money for their studies and marriage. At the time of opening this account you will have to deposit at least Rs. 1000. You can open an account with any post office and bank. The bank opening the PPF account also opens the account of the Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana.

You can understand such. If a person opens an account with 1000 rupees in 2018, then he will have to deposit 12 thousand rupees every year for 14 years, by 2031 every year. In this way, 1.68 lakhs will be deposited in 14 years. The interest rate of this scheme in the year 2018 is 8.1%. In this way, when the girl is 21, she will get Rs 527,036.12. This requires the identity card of the child’s birth certificate, the depositor (parent or guardian). In addition, the certificate of the depositor’s address is also necessary. The form of Sukanya Samrudhi Yojana is available only in the post office or in the bank.

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