The easiest way to create a driving license, the application can sit at home

By | July 3, 2018

Noida.  If you have been over 18 years of age, obviously you have been thinking of getting a driving license. Although many people think that there is a lot of hassle in getting the license and brokers get into the rotation and get the license by paying a heavy fee.

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But today we are going to tell you the easy way through which you can apply for a license while sitting at home. You do not have to cut the rounds of any broker or RTO for this. Indeed, RTO has started the Charthi-4 software. On which people can apply for a new license while sitting at home. It can be applied online for learning license online.

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IMAGE CREDIT:  Apply for such a Learning License

 First you go to the official website

 Click on the online application for the application form for the new LL and DL in the “Charthi (license) service” section on its homepage.

After this, a new page will openly appear on your screen, click on the board next to “New Learning License”.

 Click on the applicant details now.

– On the  screen you will see the form. Fill out this form and click Submit.

 After this the website will issue an application number. Save this number for future and click on “next step”.

 The payment page will appear here.

 After completing the payment on this, your learning license application will be completed.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Learning license will be followed by driving license application

After applying the online learning license, the applicant will have to reach the RTO office to conduct biometric and driving exams. All the information about which day and time they will be able to access will be available online and on the phone by the applicant.

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ARTO Administration AK Pandey said that people will have to apply online for licenses now. That’s where their fees will be credited. However after this he will have to come to the examination only in the office. With this new system, there will be a hammer on the brokers, as well as the difficulty of making people license etc.

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