Take this little machine in your house, fill it up for 12 years. Electricity … will not come

By | June 28, 2018

Take this little machine in your house, fill it up for 12 years. Electricity … will not come
New Delhi: At present, the electricity prices have gone up in all parts of the country. In such a way, the common man tried but the electricity bill could not be reduced.

Many people complain that their meter is running fast and paying more than the amount of electricity they are using. But today we are going to tell you about a machine that if you put it on your house then your electricity tension will end for 12 years.

By the way, this machine was invented for those areas, where electricity is often cut or where electricity has not reached, but at the same time, people are also using it in their own homes. Actually, the company named Hans, India has built a powerbank that can run large appliances of TV, computer and power.

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You do not even need electricity to charge this power bank of HANS. For this, just put solar energy out of it in the sun and it will be charged automatically. The company has kept this Power Bank Free Electricity Generator. The special point of this power bank is only 4 kilograms. It can be easily taken anywhere. Also, this power bank will get 12 years warranty.

Please tell us that at present HANS Company is available in 2 Power Bank Market, with Power Pack 300 and Power Pack 150, Power Pack 300 will be available at Rs. 14,450 and the backup capacity will be 300 hours. The same power pack 150 will get 150 hours of backup with just Rs 9,990. The usb plug is provided for power distribution in these power banks, through which the computers, laptops, TVs, fans, and lights will be able to get energy. 300 hours of backup will be available in this power bank, which is charged within 4 hours. If you use this power bank, you can use the electricity for free till the next 12. They can be purchased from the online ecommerce site.

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