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Internet Speed Increase

The internet has become a habit of everyone today. Likin Internet is fun when the speed is too big. But do you know that by using certain methods, you can increase the speed of the Internet to some extent 1 cache file The best way to increase Internet speed is to make sure you clean… Read More »

Increase In Fixed Pay By The State Government By ‘Diwali’, Electricity Subsidy

Have you ever downloaded your password in Google Chrome? Or have you ever heard something about it? If not, then let’s tell you how to download passwords in Google Chrome today. From which you can easily download the Chrome file. Actually, these are Chrome’s inbuilt features, so you can import all your passwords. how-download-google-chrome-password Nowadays,… Read More »

Google Chrome will now work without internet

Google Chrome recently added a new feature. Under this, Google Chrome will allow you to do anything without internet connection. Even if there is an Internet error, Google Chrome will not let your work stop. Google added a browsing feature without internet connection in many developing countries like India. Through this feature, Android users and… Read More »

See ELECTION Results Bjp and con

In today’s times we have become addicted to a lot of phones. In today’s era we can not think of our life without phone, since the trend of the smartphone has increased, the habit of the phone has made us addictively to it too. But due to this habit, we have to charge the phone’s… Read More »

The best way to record slow-motion video on android mobile

The best way to record slow-motion video on android mobile The best way to record slow-motion video on android mobile Today’s flagship smartphones pack cameras which rival even the DSLRs. One of the fascinating features of a flagship smartphone camera is the ability to record slow-motion videos. Also, Selfie’s trend has been running for a… Read More »