Sitting at home every month is giving Rs 15 thousand. These companies, you can also earn money

By | June 26, 2018

new Delhi.  Today everyone is upset about employment. Nobody has a job, so no one is able to do business because of no money. If someone gives you the chance to do business without spending money, then it will prove to be good on gold. Yes, we are talking about a company that gives you the opportunity to do business without spending anything. Yes, for this you must have a mobile, then what’s the matter of late? If you have a mobile, then register with this company today and earn up to 15 thousand rupees every month.

How to trade

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In fact, Wooplr, a trading company selling online goods, is giving you a chance to earn some expense. According to Wooplr, you can open online stores with no cost company. You just have to do a registration for this. You will get a bonus of 50 rupees after registering. After this you can run an online store with the company. It’s like a business of its own in a way. The more you sell through this online store, the more your earnings will increase.

How will earn

Wooplr, the company offering online business, has more than 50 thousand items. After registration, you will have to sell these items. You will have to share this stuff on social media platforms such as Facebook, WattsAp. You can motivate your friends, friends of social media, etc. to buy this stuff. You will earn on the sale of goods that are shared with your account. There is a chance to earn money on the sale of every item. Wooplr claims that you can earn up to 15 thousand rupees per month by opening an online store with it.

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