Send Message in Whatsapp without Create Group Learn How to?

By | June 6, 2018

Send SMS to Whatsapp Without Message

Whatsapp has become part of people’s life nowadays. About 1.5 billion people use it in the world. There are 25 million users in India alone. Whatsapp always launches new features while keeping the user’s features in mind. But in the absence of information, users are not aware of many features. One such feature is New Broadbast’s

Very few people know that sending a message to more than one person is not necessary that you create a group, add everyone to it and then send the message. Rather, with the help of New Broadbast, you can send 256 people without sending a message to the group. But what is its process? Let’s tell you.

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You’ll open the Whatsapp as soon as possible. You will see three dots at the top right. As soon as you click on them you will see the option of New Broadbast. Tap on it. Now all the contacts in Whatsapp will open up to you. If you want, you can send messages all by selecting all the contacts. This way your work will be easily done.

Send message to anyone who can send messages through Broadbast messages, but the receiver can not send messages to anyone. If he does the message, then the direct sender will see it. Talk to the group message, all the contacts you have in the group will be visible to all who will send the message and the person who will send the message will see.

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