RRB Group D Examination: 5 years ago such questions were asked

By | June 27, 2018

RRB Exam: Recruitments are to be made in about 90 thousand posts in Railways. There are also 62,907 vacancies for group D level, while 26,502 vacancies are for Group C. If you talk about Group D, then there will be computer-based test in the first phase. In this, 100 questions will be asked in 90 minutes. In addition to maths and reactions in these questions, almost 50 percent of the questions will be from General Knowledge and Current Affairs. For the question of general knowledge, today we have brought for it a few questions from the Group D exam paper in December 2013. We are also answering them as well.

Question: Who were the disciples of Sheikh Nizamuddin Auliya?
Answer: Baba Farid K
Question: Where was Shivaji born?
Answer: In Shivneri

Question: What is the snake?
Jabab: anti-tank missile

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Question: Where is Hornbill Festival celebrated?
Answer: In Nagaland

Question: Where is the National Institute for Visually Handicapped?
Answer: In Dehradun

Question: Which sultan of Delhi had died due to falling during Chaugan?
Answer: Qutbuddin Aibak Ki

Question: In which country is Arakan Yoma located?
Answer: In Myanmar

Question: Which state was established by King Odayar?
Answer: Mysore

Question: Triton is the largest moon of which planet?
Answer: Neptune

Question: Where was the establishment of the Azad Hind Fauj in 1943?
Answer: in Singapore

Question: Who wrote the book ‘Ashtaadayee’?
Answer: Panini

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