Phone settings in 3, new features will come in the phone

By | July 5, 2018

Phone settings in 3, new features will come in the phone

Gadget desk Here we are telling you about the 3 settings of smartphones. After turning on you will get 2 new features and the phone will be safe from the virus. The phone will be more advanced than ever. These settings are restricted to some phones, but others have to set manually. 2 settings you will find in the Google Settings option

Setting @ will not come from Extra Ads

Google tracks all your activities. According to him, you show ed on the phone. If you want your privacy to remain safe, then its option is also unavailable.

Turn on Settings -> Google> Ads -> Opt Out of Ads Personalization. Now on the mobile screen, fancy ed will not appear.

Setting @ phone will be fully protected

The virus comes from the virus in the phone but by turning this setting you can save the phone with a virus. You will not even need antivirus for this.

For this, go to Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect -> Turn On.

Number will be rolled into the settings @ key-board

Most people use the G-Board app for typing. While typing in, we have to go back to type the number. But there is a setting in G-Board that lets you bring Number Row over the alphabet.

For this, in the phone’s settings, go to Gboard settings> Preferences> and turn on the number row option. In many phones these options will be found in the Languages ​​setting.

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