Nitinbhai Patel resigned as deputy chief minister its not completely true check all news

By | May 25, 2018

State deputy chief minister Nitinbhai Patel’s resignation today took a begging for the resignation. According to information received from the sources, Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel Patel has resigned. From day one, the speculation was raised that Nitinbhai would now be taken to the organization.

According to information gathered by well-known sources, the decision to drop Nitinbhai Patel from the cabinet was made by the Delhi Hikmand. When this decision was already known, Nitinbhai Patel first organized a meeting with Babu Bokhiria, CK Raulji and Purushottam Solanki to form a protest against the injustice done to him in the party. As part of this scheme, Nitinbhai has also held meetings with the Congress leaders, sources said.

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The political warmth has increased so much that in the days ahead, under the leadership of Nitin Patel, the Congress is in the process of forming a government in Gujarat. In order to get the necessary financial collaboration for this, Nitinbhai has also been told to provide necessary help at the right time to some of his stakeholders. It is noteworthy that when the new government was being formed in December-March, Vijay Rupani or Nitinbhai Patel was seen as the Chief Minister.

In order to resolve the political situation in the days ahead, in the days ahead, on May 25, Union BJP president Amit Shah is coming to Gujarat. Pradip Singh Jadeja’s role is open to suspending Nitinbhai in all these developments.

However, Nitinbhai has made a clarification on the news that the news is spreading through Twitter. Which are outlined here.

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