Master Stroke For Modi Government’s Farmers: The Central Government With Megha

By | July 4, 2018

The central cabinet has approved an important decision to relieve farmers. The Cabinet has increased the support price of Kharif crops. All kharif 14 crops have increased the support price. The price of food grains has been increased by Rupees one rupee per quintal. Now, the support price of 1750 rupees per quintal will be available on kharif crops of Dhan. The rise in cabinet support of 14 cabinet is considered to be the Kisan card of Modi Government. The increase in support prices by the Union Cabinet before the coming assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections is considered to be a master stroke of the Modi government. In Kharif Paksha, there is rice in ginger. Rice prices can go up to Rs 1,750.

Only 9 states in the country get the benefit of buying at a support price. In Punjab and Haryana, the maximum benefit is obtained. Then there are numbers of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. In Gujarat, the purchase price is not negligible. Modi government has no option but to ban farmers. Since last phase, the Modi government on farmers can be supported in the name of support. Pulses and Oilseeds crops are also very good, if the government buys in the new season at subsidized prices. The support price in the country is revealed in the first week of June. The government has got sweat to present the support price this year. Now the farmers are also waiting for the government to increase the support price of which crop. The Modi government is likely to propagate the decision to make supporters vigorously.
The support price in the country is revealed in the first week of June

Punjab and Haryana get maximum benefit
In Gujarat, the purchase price is not negligible

By declaring the support value, the farmers will get an estimate of what crop they will be planting. The government can spend rupees 15 thousand crores to get the beneficial minimum support value to the farmers. The decision can be made at a meeting of the central cabinet to be held today. The government wants to increase MSP and give farmers a considerable amount of compensation for farming. Earlier, the UPA government had benefited farmers before the elections. And now the Modi government is thinking of giving benefits to the farmers before the 2019 elections.

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