Internet Speed Increase

By | July 15, 2018

The internet has become a habit of everyone today. Likin Internet is fun when the speed is too big. But do you know that by using certain methods, you can increase the speed of the Internet to some extent

1 cache file

The best way to increase Internet speed is to make sure you clean your mobile’s cache file.

Sometimes the speed of your internet is slowed due to not being able to clear the cache file for a long time.

2 Aeroplan mode

If your Internet is slowing down, first of all, firstly put your mobile on aeroplane mode for a while.

Due to the placement of mobile on aeroplane mode, all the running processes in your mobile completely shut down and when you delete the aeroplane mode, then your mobile selects the same network whose signals are strong.

3 unwanted app

The biggest reason for your data slows up is that many times you unknowingly download some apps that your internet does not work with full speed.

Always be cautious and do not download any applications that cause your internet speed to slow down.

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