How to download password in Google Chrome …?

By | July 14, 2018

How to download password in Google Chrome …?
Have you ever downloaded your password in Google Chrome? Or have you ever heard something about it? If not, then let’s tell you how to download passwords in Google Chrome today. From which you can easily download the Chrome file. Actually, these are Chrome’s inbuilt features, so you can import all your passwords.


Nowadays, we manage multiple accounts simultaneously, whether it be a secure information, business accounts or social media accounts. But how many accounts and passwords for everyone will remember? Although there are many password manager tools on the internet but not every tool inside the web browser. There are some tools that walk inside it, but are not very useful. Chrome web browser is the best web browser, it also helps download and save passwords for all accounts. Read the complete article below so that you can download your passwords too.
Steps for downloading passwords in Google Chrome:

# 1 The process of downloading all of the saved passwords in Google Chrome is very easy. This is a game of few options and your password will be downloaded. This method of downloading all your accounts and password of saved accounts in Google Chrome, will be very useful to you. So let’s start the process and first open Google Chrome in our device. Make sure that you have fully loaded the browser. The next step is given below.

# 2 After opening Google Chrome, first switch to Options. Then – Settings> Manage passwords> Export. Click on the Export option and then the popup panel will have several other options related to it. Just click on the export password. And then the process will start automatically and you will see that all your passwords have been downloaded to a file from which you can view it anytime.

# 3 Clearly, you have to keep in mind that the passwords that you have saved will only be downloaded. You can also add your passwords to Chrome browser by importing the password file. Because of this, all passwords are exported in the same file, you will be able to manage passwords very easily and when they can get the password of any of their accounts.

# 4 Though there may be a security risk due to the password of all your existing accounts in one place, since nobody uses your downloaded file, keep in mind before processing it and using your password through your browser Secure with hackers.

Hopefully you have learned to download passwords in Google Chrome via this easy article. So if you like this info then share it with your friends too.

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