By | August 4, 2018

Although the Vidya Sahayaks appointed since 2006 have the benefit of a continuous job, the teachers are being suspended due to the government education department being discriminated against by the government education department, giving benefits to the designated Vidya Sahayaks since 1998.
According to the well-known sources of education, Vidya Sahayaks, who were appointed after 2006, according to the resolution dated 18/1/017, will be considered as consecutive jobs, but Vidya Sahayaks appointed before 2006 have not been considered as the benefit of the consecutive job. That is, this Vidya Sahitya Vidyalaya has begun in the year 1998. However, the Vidya Sahayaks appointed from 1998 to 2005 did not get the benefit of a continuous job. In this situation, Junior’s salary will be higher than the senior.
Vidya Sahayaks appointed after 2006 will get higher pay scale of nine years. When Vidya Sahayaks appointed from 1998, they will get the benefit of higher pay scale in the 14th year. For this reason, the junior teacher’s salary will be less incompatible with the reduction of salary. For some time since the Gujarat Secondary Education Association has been introduced to the government and education department several times, the results of the government and the education department are not affected by the stomach water.
This also leads to the surprise of the teachers’ union. Looking forward. In the past, every representative was given adequate justice to the teacher union. But teachers have been scrambling due to the issue of non-co-operation in the last few years. It is to be mentioned that due to the discrepancies of the government’s resolution, the experience of teachers who have been working as long-auxiliary teachers will be less in the higher pay scale, which is getting confused.
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