Google will tell the date of the death

By | June 25, 2018

When someone dies, nobody knows it. It is said that only God knows when the life of a person will end, but it seems that science will now be able to tell the date of your death. Indeed, Google has created a tool that will tell when the patient’s death will occur.

According to reports, Google’s tool is to study the symptoms of the patient’s illness and tell him how much he expected to live. On this tool, Google’s Artificial Intelligence Chief Jeff Dean’s company Medical Brain is working. According to the reports, a woman was tested recently on this tool. After the test, it was found that only 9.3% of the chances of the woman to stay alive. Not only this, this tool also tells such reports, which is not possible for doctors. Doctors say that it takes a lot of time to make such reports, but Google’s new tool prepares it quickly, on the basis of which we can start treatment early and increase the chances of the patient staying alive.

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Dean pointed out that he has created a new rule system for Google, which can assess the patient’s situation and reach the right figures. He told that now Google’s next step is to bring this system to the clinic around the world, so that more patients benefit from it.

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