Google Chrome will now work without internet

By | June 26, 2018

Google Chrome recently added a new feature. Under this, Google Chrome will allow you to do anything without internet connection. Even if there is an Internet error, Google Chrome will not let your work stop. Google added a browsing feature without internet connection in many developing countries like India. Through this feature, Android users and website users can search for essential things without internet.


Google added this feature on June 21. Google Chrome has released a new update for Android Mobile. It is being described as one of the best features that will make users happy too. Android users will now be able to read content even offline via Google Chrome. In fact, after this new update of the app, it will automatically download the content when it is network, after which the network will go to read offline content easily or after going to the internet connection.

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Giving information about this feature, Google’s Android offline product manager, Amanda Boss said, “When you are not connected to the Internet and Wi-Fi is not available, you will still be able to download the intended article from the related location.” Automated download Things will be available to you at any time without internet. Boss further said, “If you sign in to Chrome, then relevant things will be found on the basis of your browsing history.”

Google Chrome on Android smartphone will be available in 100 countries of the world including India, Nigeria, Indonesia and Brazil. However, in order to use this feature, users will have to install the latest Google Chrome update. Google Chrome has installed an automatic data server for this, due to which users will be able to download the content using less data. Once downloading the content, it can be used anywhere. Google Chrome is currently available on Android and Desktop.

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