Get Your Name & App at Google Play Store

By | June 4, 2018

Build your own android app or convert your website to android app with following feauters:
1.Get your personal Android app
2.Grow your business as many users are on mobile.
3.Increase your Brand by having android app

If you’re wondering how to turn your website into an app for Android and iPhone devices, you’re not alone.

Yes, customers have gone mobile and any small business without an on-the-go presence is missing out on business opportunities.

Not convinced? Here’s some food for thought: back in the mid-1990s, many business owners thought they didn’t need a website. However, having an effective website is considered to be a key factor in a small business’ success today.

You have probably signed up for Facebook, Twitter or another social network. We live in a mobile world, we are in action every day, so we need to stay in touch with whole the world. Apart from communication via mobile devices, we use all our gadgets for news reading, e-mailing, working etc. So it is almost impossible today to be fully engaged in business without using mobile apps or websites.

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Conversion of the website to Android app – what should you consider?

So you have a great website. It is popular, many users visit it every day, buy something, use features of this website etc. But it is not enough for you. Why? The problem lies in the mobile world. More and more people start using smartphones and tablets, switching to various mobile apps on Android or iOS. And you realize that if you want to develop your own website, you must promote it and extend the borders of operating systems.