Earnings opportunity now on WhatsApp with chatting

By | July 1, 2018

So social media is meant to engage with people only, but nowadays it not only offers people a chance but also earn money. Facebook, people are making money using instructs on instagram, but besides that there are many apps through which you can earn money and one of them is WhatsApp. If WhatsApp is used to communicate only you will be able to earn from it. Let us tell you today about which you can make good money. Viral Content: Many websites, articles, ads and content are available on the Internet. You can earn money by promoting this content on WhatsApp. For that you have to go to a website and generate a short URL of any content and then share it with your friends, whenever someone clicks on this link, you will be given money from the company. The more people click on the link, the more money you get.

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Affiliate Marketing: This is a platform where you can promote a company’s special product. In all of this, Amazon is a good marketing platform. To promote the first thing you have to choose a product. After that there will be an affiliate url. After that, it will have to share its contacts with WhatsApp. The more clicks the more money is.

PPD Network: PPD (Pay on Downloads) you will get money on every download. For example you have to go to openload.com. By signing up here, you will upload the movie, image, song and video and share it with the link on whatsapp. As soon as the user will download your file the company will give you money.

App Promotion: This is a unique way of earning money. You will not get the money in it but get free recharge, PATM cash or other offer. If you want to recharge a free, you will have to share a referral link with your friends on your WhatsApp.

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