Connection to farmers on agricultural wells (Kunva)

By | May 4, 2018

Connection to farmers on agricultural wells (Kunva)

WeightyDreams of farmers who have dreamed of farming and farming with agricultural connections on agricultural wells for years will soon come true. With the approval of the government to issue new agricultural connections, the discom has started the exercise to give connections to the farmers. Discom has issued the demand for agricultural connections to the farmers. Officials say that norms have been issued for farming connections of 1383 farmers of general category in Bhanmal, Dhumbandia, Jaswantpura and Ramsin. Also, connections of 46 8 drop-drops will also be issued. After depositing the demand, the farmers will be given connections under priority in 90 days. In this case, farmers who cultivate the diesel pump will not have to burn diesel fuel of thousands of rupees. The farmers who had filed the file for Agricultural connections in the general category till 31 January 2011, Demand for their connection has been issued. Apart from this, the mandated notes for the files submitted till January 31, 2012 will be issued in June. With the release of agricultural connections of farmers, irrigation can be done in the upcoming Rabi season. Especially the farmers of Baggora area will have trouble in irrigation due to getting agricultural connections.

According to the officials of the Agricultural Connection Discom, these will have issued the demand note for 1383 general connections of general category in Bhanmal, Ramseen, Dhumbandia and Jaswantpura areas. Apart from this, 38 of the 8 8 drop-drop connections have also issued the demand for 3 drop-drop connections. In Bhanmal 183, 814 in Dhumbadi, 121 in Ramsin and Jaswantpura have issued demand notes for 26 5 general category agricultural connections. Apart from this, 53 of the droplets of drop-drop connection have been sanctioned, 151 in Dhumbadiya, 112 in Ramsin and 152 connections in Jaswantpura. Officials say that drop-dropping connections are being handed over to the farmers. About half of that has happened.

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Problems of big farmers from falling ground water level
The problem of farmers is also increasing due to the ground water level falling from year to year. Farmers say that it is difficult to draw water from the pumpts after the ground level goes down. Apart from this, the cost of cultivation also increases. In such a case, farmers will be able to easily cultivate by having agricultural connections. In many villages of the district, groundwater level has reached 700 feet. Significantly, the government had also banned the drop-down of agricultural connections in October 2015.
Issues … In the Bhanmal area, 138 3 farmers have issued the demand notes for the general category connection. In addition, 398 connections of drop-drop 468 connections have been issued for the connection. Farmers’ connections will be made in six months. Connection will be started on the farm wells of farmers till the upcoming Rabi season.
-Ramesh Seth, Executive Engineer, Discom, Bhanimal

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