State Government’s Biggest Announcement For Non-Reservation Classes, 58 Tribes Will Be Benefitted

By | August 3, 2018

The instant messaging app WattsAp has increased the business body’s limits. The company has announced that the WhatsApp App for Business App is being launched for more companies. That means the company will now give access to its business APIs to more business, so that they can use it and communicate with customers.

The WhatsApp customers can be reached by WhatsApp through the WhatsApp Apps business. Customized notification will be sent to the customers through this. However, there will be no promotion content. But there will be a message like Shipping Confirmation Shipping Confirmation, Event Ticket and Appointment Reminder.

Companies will pay money to WhatsApp for these messages. However, if the customer responds, and the company responds again, then companies will not have to pay for it. But after 24 hours of customer response, companies will have to pay for their use again.

Wattsapp has launched the product for the first time, so that the company can earn money directly from this app. However, WhatsApp will charge companies only when they give the customer a reply to the customer 24 hours later. Behind this, WhatsApp can be a revenue earner.

The first thing is that companies will quick reply to the customers to save money, else the users will also be dependent on WhatsApp when they get quick reply. It is noteworthy that Facebook has recently said that the Revenue model of WhatsApp will be on advertising. However, it will not be directly. Because of the Revenue model, the founder of WhatsApp left the company. Now it has begun, and to see what kind of ad it shows in the coming times.

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