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By | July 31, 2018

On Friday, that is the longest lunar eclipse of 104 years in the sky in the sky. The duration of the eclipse will be 1 hour and 43 minutes. During the eclipse, the Earth’s satellite means that the moon will become red or brown, due to which it is known as Blood Moon. This eclipse can be observed in South Asian countries including Africa, Middle East, across India. There is no need for a separate device, the eyes do not damage the eyes of the moon. There is a possibility of having a cloudy environment tonight. If this happens then the live streaming of the moon eclipse can be seen on various websites on the Internet.

A wonderful thriller astronomical event that is rarely seen in life

When the moon comes back behind the earth, the lunar eclipse occurs. It happens only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in almost a straight line in this order. Earth is coming between sun and moon. Because of which the lunar eclipse occurs only on the day of Poonam. However, every poona is not absorbed. There is also a lot of religious significance of this Kharagyan incident. People are also seen as a fascinating and crazy person. There are beliefs in people who are affected by 12 zodiac signs and planets.

The rare lunar eclipse on gurupurnima

When the earth comes between the moon and the Sun, the sun’s light does not fall on the Moon, and the moon is covered. Thus, we need to gradually grow up from the unit to Poonam, which is also the shadow of the earth. But on the day of Poonam, moon is covered up, it is said to be a moon eclipse, which is why the moon occurs only on Poonam.

Eclipse can be seen in almost all parts of the country. The second and final lunar eclipse of 2018 will be seen in the same period of six months.

During the eclipse, there are some hot spots on the moon’s surface. Where the temperature is higher than the surrounding space. This happens due to the sun’s energy store.

Total time of eclipse –
3 hours 54 minutes 33 seconds

Dusk Start – 27 July, 2.54pm
Dummy Expiration – 28th July at 3.48.59

Lunar eclipse

July 27: 11.54.26 PM since
28 July: 03.48.59 AM

Now when is the complete lunar eclipse?
On 20-21 January of 2019 The longest lunar eclipse will take place in 82 years after 82 years.

What is Blood Moon?

During lunar eclipse, the moon is reddish, so it is called Blood Moon. During the lunar eclipse, when the moon is in the shadow of the earth, it is reddish. It happens when the moon is fully covered in the shadow of the earth. Even the Sun’s

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