Bad news: Check Your closed PAN card

By | June 30, 2018

PAN card is one of the important card documents. Whether it is to fill in an income tax return or to open an account in the bank. PAN card is required for every financial transaction. Even the government has made pan card necessary for shopping. PAN card is a document that also shows your financial status. But, what will happen when your This is possible. Actually, in the last year’s gains in suspicion of being fake, the government had closed 11.4 lakh PAN cards across the nation. Under this action, the PAN cards of those people have been blocked, who had made two pan cards in the same name. For your information, let us keep in mind that making 2 pan cards on one name is legally wrong. According to Section 272B of Income Tax Act, 1961, a fine of Rs 10,000 may also be imposed on this person.

Surrender Second card
If your name also has two card issues, then surrender one card to it yourself. If not doing this by July 31, your PAN card will be closed. 31st July is the last date for filing income tax returns. Even when the PAN card is closed, it is not known. In such a situation, you may have difficulty in filling a return. It is important that you know if your PAN card is active or not.

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Linking pan-base is also important to link to the required
Income Tax Returns. If you have not linked to your PAN card base yet, you may find it difficult. Because, as well as filing of returns on July 31, Pan-base link also has deadlines. After this, the PAN card can be put in the inactive category. The Government has already warned in this matter. Before all this work, know that your PAN is doing the work, right?

Sit at home Find out if
your PAN card is active or not, you may find it sitting at home. To check this, the online tax department is the online process, which is very simple. You can know this in 3 Simple Steps by visiting the Income Tax Department website.

Step-1: Visit the Income Tax Department’s website at Here are several calls from top to left hand side.
Step-2: There is  an option named No Your Pan. After clicking here a window will open. It will have to enter surname, name, status, gender, date of birth and registered mobile number.
Step-3:  After filling the details, a window will open. You will be sent an OTP on your register. OTP will need to be submitted here in the open window. After this you will get your PAN number, name, Citizen, Ward number and REMARK in front of you. Remarks would have written whether your PAN card is active or not.

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