All about the search engine Google

By | May 16, 2018

All about the search engine Google

Search engine Google – Google is no longer unaware of everyone.

As a search engine, Google has provided users with a broad platform, in which users can complete their tasks according to Google’s convenience. But who has brought changes in your life, you know about it, that is, Google.

Yes, yes .. Google is a user-friendly playform of complete information. By which many people are living their life happier. Regardless of the features of Google, people do not have complete information about it.

So read the search engine Google detailed information about

Search engine Google

1 – History of the start of search engines before Google

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Google started with Larry Page and Sergey Brin during a research project in 1996. Larry and Sergey were students of Ph.D. at Stanford University, California. At that time, it was calculated from the traditional search engine, but according to Larry and Sergey, a good search system would be that would analyze the relationship of webpages. According to his idea, the new technology was named PageRank. Although Larry and Sergey did not successfully search the search engine.

This year, Larry and Sergey started the search engine called Backrub. Which used to determine the priority of a site

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