1 May Spacial for Gujarat State Knowledge

By | May 1, 2018

Gujarat state was carved from the present Marathi speaking region i.e. Maharashtra in the year 1960. Gujarat state is situated on the West coast of India between 20.1 and 24.7 degrees North latitude and 68.4 and 74.4 degrees East longitude. The boundaries of Gujarat are surrounded by the Arabian Sea in the West, Rajasthan in the North East, Madhya Pradesh in the East and Maharashtra in the South East. It shares a common border with Pakistan on the Northern side. Gujarat state gets a rainfall of South- West monsoon from the month of June to September.

The land of coastal and central Gujarat is fertile, whereas the Northern part is dry and drought prone. The state covers 196024 km (75665 sq. miles) on the border with Pakistan. The rivers of Gujarat are Narmada, Tapti, Sabarmati and Mahi. The black soil is best suited for cash crops such as sugarcane, cotton and groundnuts besides that it cultivates crops such as rice and millets

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